Don’t Do This When Shopping for Clothes!

After many years of closet purging I’ve learned a thing or two about buying clothes fit to my style. Pulling out the rare items that don’t follow my usual neutral colour preference, I realize I’ve come to terms with being not all-that adventurous when it comes to my choice of clothing – And that’s OKAY, because I’ve found what works for me.

The more I get-to-know my style, the less I end up throwing things away. Plus, I’m able to feel comfortable in my own skin. Here are some rules I like to keep in mind to avoid purchasing something I’ll later regret.

3 Shopping Faux-Pas

  • Unless you plan on buying plain tees and tights, don’t go on a spending spree at cheap clothing stores (I know it’s tempting!). Invest in quality material – Especially if this piece has to be worn on formal occasions or a professional setting.
  • Personally, I’ve never found success in trying to pull off the boyfriend look by purchasing XL dress shirts. If you’re a size S looking for a loose-fitting shirt, buy a size S shirt designed to be loose-fitting. Always dress your size.
  • Don’t shop on a whim with the intention of buying something very specific. Chances are, you’ll end up reluctantly purchasing something that comes very close to what you had in mind and miss out on the opportunity in finding something that might be different but better.

Shopping MUST

I’m of the opinion that shopping for clothes should be an enjoyable excursion. I go not necessarily needing to buy anything, but to enjoy fashion. Let’s face it, Β I’m sure if you dug a little most of us probably already own something we can wear instead of purchasing something brand new. When I’m out shopping for the sake of relishing style, I’m guaranteed to pick up a closet favourite.


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