Hypoallergenic Perfume I Swear By!


I know it’s frivolous but what girly-girl hasn’t said to herself “I want a signature scent”! To my dismay, my allergies hasn’t really allowed me the luxury of enjoying sniffing through different aromas. But! After much deliberation and between all the sneezing, I’ve successfully found mine.

If you’re looking for a sweet/mild & fresh/affordable perfume, here’s my recommendation. I’ve now gone through three bottles of Fergie’s Outspoken Fresh, each one purchased through Amazon for $31.00 CDN.

P.S. If you’re worried about this being a sponsored post, I assure you I am not trying to revive Fergie’s stardom. I just really like the scent.

P.P.S this product can also be purchased through Avon and I do not work for Avon.

Anyway, that aside, the best way for me to describe the scent as a non-perfume connoisseur is…

It smells like a blend of sweet fruit and fresh laundry. It has a tiny bit of musk to it, which I personally prefer because I don’t like to smell like a dessert. Some reviewers say it does not have a long-lasting scent but this hasn’t been an issue for myself!

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