On Commuting to the City

Though I couldn’t afford to be picky, I felt apprehensive looking for a job central downtown mostly because I hate public transportation. A two-hour long commute being cramped in the subway, stuck in a warrior pose trying to maintain my balance, drove me to reason: I like my car and I especially like my space.

Seeing as I did land a job downtown and was definitely not going to fork $280.00 on a monthly parking pass, I knew I had to gain some new perspective.

I began to open myself up to the possibility of enjoying my commute making small discoveries which lead me to appreciate the hustle and bustle of our metropolis. Here are some things I’ve come to realize:

  1. It’s an Opportunity to Practise Kindness – No I am not suggesting you sprinkle your petty change to the homeless (though there’s no harm in giving, plus there are a lot of homeless). I’m talking about doing something as simple as offering your seat to the elderly or smiling at others. I’ve always been under the impression that I might be received negatively – what if they were offended by my gesture? The truth is, we could use a little more of these acts of kindness because it isn’t an insult. When the gentleman across the platform met my gaze and did a little wave, I flashed a smile. I knew that if nothing had gone right for the remainder of either of our days, at least we had a moment of happiness.

  2. Music is Better in the Subway – I don’t know about you, but having to press on my break pedal every two seconds during rush-hour, takes my focus away from being engaged with the music or podcast I’m listening to (though, this might have something to do with my inability to multi-task). I love listening to music uninterrupted. It gives me the chance to envision myself Β as the lead in a music video. This becomes more true to life when I begin walking or pacing to the beat of the music, putting me in a terrific/fabulous/melancholy mood (depending on the song)!

  3. It’s Good Exercise – Walking in and out of the subway has trained me to become a better speed-walker. If you think you’re okay to stand on the escalators without getting trampled on or scowled at, think again. This is especially beneficial for those of you who work 9-5 desk jobs. Commuting in the city forces you to move.

They’re small differences, but if you take notice, they can make a huge impact on sending you off with a more optimistic outlook!


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