Anyone Watch Netflix Series GLOW?

Hooray for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling! I did not think I would be receptive of a show that involves wrestling, and now I’m addicted. Jenji Kohan (Creator of Orange is the New Black)’s Netflix 80’s dramedy series, is hilarious and tells an uplifting story of female unity.  

Alison Brie’s character Ruth, an unexceptional, yet still determined actress is desperate to land a role on the big screen. Too plain by hollywood standards, Ruth’s only call-back is for a women’s wrestling show being put together by some washed-up director, Sam Sylvia.  

She and a group of female oddballs each have their own reasons for accepting disparaging roles for a T.V series unlikely to be aired. Watching the girls form an unusual bond over training and the unveiling of their T.V personas, you’ll find yourself rooting for the show to be picked up too.

NETFLIX netflix alison brie glow netflix glow GIF

Despite their individual quirks, every character shares common ground in having a pathetic attribute. It’s a cliche storyline but I personally love the irony in telling a story about sisterhood through what would have been stereotyped as a man’s sport, wrestling.

Other factors that contribute to my love for this show: its cutting script and cool time-period visuals and costumes. If you haven’t already, watch GLOW.

 netflix thumbs up glow genius approve GIF

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