On Dating a “White Guy”

Interracial couples isn’t an uncommon thing like it were some 15 plus years ago. It isn’t unusual to be with someone of a different race in this day and age. Right?

I didn’t think so. That is, until I started getting weird questions like: “So you’re into white guys?”

Sometimes this question is more of a remark: “So, you’re into white guys.”

I’m sure most of these people ask out of genuine curiosity. But I find myself wondering how can I delicately point out the stupidity of this question?

Then something occurred to me.

I remember feeling relief that Isaac were one of the few “other race” men, who didn’t try to gage my interest by immediately a) speaking to me in Korean, or b) telling me about their love for Kimchi. Though I’m fascinated in people who know the language and I do love kimchi too, I have to admit this advance makes me instinctively guarded.

I think about what would have crossed my mind at the early stages of our relationship had I known he’s dated other asian women before myself. One of my first thoughts being: “Do you have yellow fever?” (An exclusive preference for asian women).

It was for this exact reason he refrained from opening up to me about his past, and he was right to.

Just to set the record straight, he doesn’t have “yellow fever” no more than I have a “thing” for white guys. But is my skepticism any different than qualifying race as a “type”? I’m not sure.

I do know from experience, that though society’s come a long way from gaping at the sight of mixed couples, dating someone of a different race (like it or not), is still unfamiliar territory.  None of this would have come up had we been with people of the same race.

Do I have a thing for white guys? No. I just have a thing for my guy.


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