3 Romantic Comedies that Don’t Ooze with Cheese


Silver Linings Playbook
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper

Silver Linings Playbook Romantic Comedy

After being released from a mental rehabilitation center Pat (Bradley Cooper), moves in with his parents, determined to restore his relationship with his wife. Unfortunately for Pat, his restraining order gets in the way of his grand plan to reunite with her.

Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), is his only connection to his wife. Attractive, impetuous and a recent young widower, Tiffany develops an interest in Pat. In spite of her feelings, she agrees to deliver a letter to his wife, on the condition that he agrees to compete in a ballroom dancing competition as her partner.

Pat’s genuine/failing attempts to resist his attraction to Tiffany and his struggle to be a changed person, is hilarious. Their strange chemistry doesn’t follow your typical rom-com storyline (two unlikely people coming together). In fact, it’s the opposite. You kind of wonder why they aren’t…

Why I love this movie?

  • Great soundtrack
  • Bradley Cooper
  • There’s sports, family, and dancing in the mix


500 Days of Summer
Starring: Zooey Deschannel & Joseph Gordon-Levitt

500 days of summer romantic comedy


This story unveils Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Summer’s (Zooey Deschannel) relationship through two different lenses. One that paints a rosy picture and another capturing the not-so happy moments that were missed. The story dissects everything leading up to their breakup.

Tom being a hopeless romantic, believes he and Summer will get back together, insisting that Summer is “The One”. Disregarding all the signs suggesting otherwise, we watch Tom’s slow and painful defeat as his expectations are never met with reality.

Watching the two find love with stark differences, Tom being a firm believer in fate, and Summer being a cynic, makes you wonder (or at least makes me wonder), a lot about love. Like: who is deserving of love? Who has a better way of looking at love? And does it matter?

This rom-com is NOT a love story that IS about love. Confusing, I know.

Why I love this movie?

  • Beautiful and creative aesthetics (costume, shots, cinematography… they even add animation!)
  • Parodic humor
  • Very contemporary

Starring: Amy Schumer & Bill Hader


Though this storyline doesn’t stray too far from your typical rom-com structure, every punchline has a way of removing any unwelcomed cliches.

Amy (Amy Schumer) was raised to believe that monogamy does not exist. She is perfectly content with her carefree promiscuity and unattached lifestyle. When she finally finds true love meeting Doctor Aaron Conners (Bill Hader), Amy becomes panic-stricken.  

Scared of being in love for fear of getting hurt, we watch her self-deprecating character single-handedly destroy her perfect relationship. You could probably predict what happens in the end from this brief synopsis, but I promise you, your tears will ONLY be induced by laughter – not corniness.

Why I love this movie?

  • Satirical humor
  • Hilarious cast (Amy being my least favorite… this is an indicator of how funny the other cast members are)
  • It’s a generic love story, but under her circumstances, anyone would be cynical of love. I like that it’s believable.


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