Hi. I’m Lauren!

Bien-venue to my Blog! That’s francais for: I’m trying to impress you with the little french I know.

Anyhow, now that I’ve won you over with my  bilingual-ness, I think I’ll introduce myself to whoever is reading, as a writer. I’m definitely no Shakespeare but I love to write for the World Wide Web.

During the day I freelance (mostly copywriting), and on evenings I’m a terrible waitress. Though I am generally a quiet person, I have a tendency to overshare with strangers. Like you or the checkout person at the grocery store.

My hobbies and interests include art, movies, books, popular culture, music, comedy, fashion, psychology, yours and my well-being – Just life itself!

I know a little bit of some things and not a lot about a lot of things so I thought I’d use this space to venture and share- I hope you’ll join me in my blogging journey!